The Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is a model specifically designed by the professionals within Bridges Hospice. We recognized that there is a sizeable gap between the regulations that define routine hospice care, and continuous care; and we wanted to bridge that gap.

Continuous care is increased care offered only during periods of crisis. We don’t want to wait until a patient is in crisis before adding visits. That’s where the Bridge Program comes in.

There may be times during hospice care when the patient is showing signs of actively dying, but does not necessarily have a symptom to manage. Bridges Hospice increases visits during this time, provided the patient/family is accepting. We work with the patient and/or primary caregiver to work out an action plan and determine the appropriate number of visits necessary.

Sometimes up to four visits per day are made, if needed. Sometimes only one extra visit is necessary. Visits can be made by nurses, caregivers, chaplains, social workers, and volunteers. They emphasize comfort, and companionship. It is just as much for the patient, as it is for the primary caregiver and family.